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New speakers! First steps...

by Blogger ‎08-10-2010 06:43 PM - edited ‎09-22-2010 06:51 PM

Let me say right up front: I have unpacked a lot of wonderful technology over the years. This time it takes on a different tone, a level of excitement, when I know this pair of speakers is for me!


A little back story: I once had a customer who came to me for help realizing the system of his dreams! With some concern for spending money wisely we worked together to get G to his happy place: the ultimate system. The only component he would not consider replacing as part of this plan? His Klipschorns! The day I installed the finishing touches on his system, I finally got to hear what we had been working toward... and the reason he would not part with his: dynamics, detail, real world scale. Like I had never heard!



In continuous production since 1946, this is the original Klipsch speaker. Shown here in it's current version: walnut finish.



























The smaller Heresy III is the baby brother, in it's third version: first introduced in 1957, re-engineered with better parts and improved voicing in 1985, and finally re-done again by some of my engineering friends at Klipsch HQ in Indianapolis in 2009. I couldn't resist when offered a gorgeous walnut pair by one of my colleague's. The experience continues to be most interesting... For a taste of what kind of cult following these have check this link, but before you ask, they are not sold in Canada.












Klipsch RF82.jpg




It needs to be said: the Klipsch RF-82, available today, engenders the same enthusiasm as these vintage classics, but in a form factor and price level that is much more agreeable! Ever heard a pair? Set up with the ancillary gear and care they deserve ?




In future writings I intend to cover some of the essentials (IMHO) of speakers: positioning for best performance, break-in (myth or fact?), stereo vs.. multi-channel audio, specifications (what do they mean?)... and anything you might care to ask. For those of you rolling your eyes and muttering "who's this self appointed expert!", let me just say, I've been doing this for a while, and I've learned much from colleagues, customers, and from experience, and will continue to do so. If I don't know the answer, I will go in search and report back to you.


I am often asked what I prefer in speakers and I have to say that I have several favorites. No system has ever absolutely convinced me that the artist is right there in the room performing.... but some have come mighty close.  Follow me over the next while and I will share some of what I have learned.  I may even point you in the right direction for improvements in your own

system, most of which are free: just the result of patience and listening. (Trust your ears.)


As I write, my vintage looking Heresy III's are quietly playing in the background. They have been introduced to their new home, and an eclectic mix from retro-vinyl to iPod, from '60's jazz & R&B to current ambient and lounge...   We are going to be very happy together.



by cxz Emerging Expert on ‎10-11-2010 02:40 PM

would you happen to have any idea when or if future shop will carry the reference-II series? Im really looking forward to the RF-7's being re released again!

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