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Travel tips and tricks to keep you mobile!!

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It’s happened to even the most experienced traveller. You start unpacking your bag after hours of travel only to discover, “argh!”, that you forgot the charger for your tablet or smartphone. Can it get any worse? Yes, it can!


You figure you’ll get the most out of that last 10% of battery life on your tablet and surf the web to find a place to buy a new charger. But wait, the hotel you are staying in doesn’t have wireless Internet. Your idea of leaving the laptop at home and only taking the tablet with you to lighten your load goes from being brilliant, to a complete nightmare.

original.jpgHere’s where D-Link jumps in to save the day. Say hello to the

SKU: 10213722

A must have for every tablet and smartphone owner, the SharePort Mobile Companion lets you stay connected while travelling with your mobile devices. Transforms any Internet connection into your own personal wireless network. In addition, SharePort offers USB sharing capabilities allowing you to share media from any USB drive to your mobile devices.

Perfect for places where Wi-Fi is slow or cannot be found, the SharePort Mobile Companion transforms any Internet connection into a personal wireless network letting you share a wired Internet connection to multiple iOS and Android devices when on the go.


Setup is simple. All you have to do is plug the DIR-505 into a power outlet, plug the hotel’s wired Internet connection into it, and within seconds, you’ll be surfing the web on your very own personal wireless network.


Oh ya, and remember how you were going to surf the net to find a place to buy a new charger? No need. Not only is the SharePort Mobile Companion about the same size as a typical mobile device charger, it is one!


Stay tuned for my next blog – How to stay sane on a family vacation – where I’ll talk about how the SharePort Mobile Companion makes it easy stream your digital media library such as photos, music, and videos saved on any USB drive right to multiple iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

SharePort™ Mobile Companion (DIR-505) at a glance

  • Transform any Internet connection into a personal wireless network letting you share a connection to any computer, iOS, or Android device
  • USB Port for seamlessly streaming videos, music, photos, and more from a connected USB drive to any computer, iOS, or Android device
  • USB Port for charging a smartphone or tablet
  • Portable multi-mode wireless router/AP, Wi-Fi hotspot and repeater 
  • Free SharePort™ Mobile app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones
  • Wireless N
  • One 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Supports Secure Wireless Encryption using WPA or WPA2
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Push Button
  • Dual Active Firewalls

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