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We're helping you save more through energy efficiency

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Last time you were in Future Shop you may have noticed some TVs with Power Smart signage indicating that the TV “Saves More Energy”.  Have you wondered what that means? 


Well, BC Hydro and Future Shop have partnered to promote the most energy efficient televisions, the top performing products in the ENERGY STAR category.  And with the help of  Future Shop’s retail experts, I’m happy to report that we’ve been successful in getting these high efficiency products into more people’s homes.


Television savings: 1.7 GWh


Iin today’s entertainment-rich world, the TV is one of the most frequently replaced or upgraded products in the home.  With features and functionality rapidly improving, it’s no longer just about watching cable programming.


Having the Save More products in Future Shop has helped reduce the energy footprint TVs take up within the B.C. market.  In 2010, Future Shop sold more than 28,000 more efficient TVs over the previous year, about 15% of total TV sales! 


That’s an estimated saving of 1.7 gigawatt hours (GWh) annually, compared to lower efficiency TVs, or enough to power 154 homes per year.


Appliances: 5,000 rebates and counting


Appliances make up a lot of the energy consumption within the home.  Appliances  account for a big chunk of energy use in the home, but aren’t changed and upgraded nearly as frequently as home electronics.  So it’s even more important to make a good energy decision when you are looking to upgrade.


Future Shop has been great in getting these products into more people’s homes.  With appliances BC Hydro provides a rebate directly to you if you purchase a high efficiency refrigerator, clothes washer, or dishwasher. 


Future Shop’s sales have resulted in about 5,000 rebates being handed out for more energy efficient appliances purchases.


Working together


PowerSmart and Future Shop have joined forces to educate everyone on energy-efficient options when purchasing TVs and appliances. But we also make it economical to do so. 

When shopping for your next TV or refrigerator, don’t be afraid to ask a Future Shop rep to tell you about the lowest energy option.



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