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You might want to start growing extra fingers for this mouse

by Blogger ‎09-21-2010 11:58 AM - edited ‎09-22-2010 06:55 PM

What’s the Razer gaming mouse that looks like a grenade that blows away the competition? That sir or madam is the Razer Naga, one of the newest products to hit the shelves at your Future Shop store. This sucker sports seventeen buttons in all to help kick serious ass in your favorite MMO game. Yeah, I said it, 17 buttons. It’s not a typo. ”What the what?” you ask? On the side of the mouse, the Razer Naga has a 12 button thumb grid that mimics the number pad on your keyboard, allowing you to map those keys from your keyboard onto the mouse’s thumb grid. Wow! I know pretty amazing, huh? Now you don’t have to fumble around from the mouse to the keyboard to find that pesky number 5 key. All you have to do is just click on the button on the Naga’s thumb grid and voila, spell cast/pet retrieved/rocket launched. Keep your eyes peeled to your screen and not bouncing back and forth from the screen to the keyboard. Does it also toast bread and start your car? Ehh… not yet. Just kidding. Or am I? No, honest just kidding.

If you’re dying for more information on Razer Naga, head on over to for all the nitty gritty details, videos, downloads for the in-game AddOns and all sorts of other information. Peep the Razer Community site,, and rollover to the testimonial link for opinions and testimonials from folks that love the Razer Naga for its thumb grid, versatility, and ease of use. Hey, I’m not just spitting marketing babble, these are their words. Well I am summarizing a bit. But I’m sure that’s what “Its freakin’ awesome man”, “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G” and “OMG I love it!!!” roughly translate into.

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