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Your older laptop needs love too!

by Blogger ‎11-24-2011 12:03 PM - edited ‎11-24-2011 12:03 PM

AE2500_Main01.jpgIt's been several years now that laptop manufacturers have included a wireless card built in with each laptop, but up until recently, the wireless included was just not good enough. As we all start to stream more content to our "on the go" devices, it's imperative that you have a good Wireless N adapter as well.


If you think about the speed capabilities of a new router today, you should be matching the same speeds on your other device as well. So if you router does 300Mpbs, then you want a adapter or wireless card that can do 300Mbps. With most older devices, it's likely that your adpater is only going up to 54Mbps or 150Mbps. To find out what type of wireless you have, you can find the details in the system tools of your PC or Mac.









Now, when you find out that your wireless adatper is in fact too slow, you can go to your local Future Shop or to find the Linksys AE2500 Dual Band Wireless N Adapter here. This adapter will provide up to 300Mbps connection speeds as well as offering you the ability to use Dual Band technology, if your router supports it. Simply follow the easy to use Cisco Connect software, and your old laptop will thank you.


Happy surfing!


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