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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers just got smarter!

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A few months ago we posted news about the release of our HomeNet-Spring2012-2Inline-Enlarged-580x250.jpgLinksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers at Future Shop.This included the launch of the EA2700, EA3500 and EA4500 series of Smart Wi-Fi Routers. We are building on that news and letting you know what our Smart Wi-Fi Routers can do for you!


Cisco Introduces new Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers

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HomeNet-Spring2012-2Inline-Enlarged-580x250.jpgIt’s movie night for the family, but everyone wants to watch different things. The parents want to stream a Netflix film. Some kids are gaming upstairs, and some are dancing around to YouTube videos in the basement. It’s all great, but the parents would like to make sure their film comes through the best.


A few clicks make it happen.


Win the War on Buffering with Linksys

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How many times have you been streaming a video to your computer, downloading media, or playing online games when your experience is interrupted by buffering?  When you have to keep waiting for your media to load, it can be a big inconvenience and it’s then -- that you know you’re losing the war against buffering.


Mathieu Whelan Profile Pic.jpg


What's the first thing you do when you move to a new place? You set up the internet and make sure you can access it from every corner in the house (just me?).  Well, say hello to the man who is going to help us all stay wireless and happy with our internet situation: Mathieu Whelan, aka LinksysCanada in the Community.


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