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Trading cards now available in select stores!

Hello, everyone.


I'm happy to announce that Best Buy has trading cards available in select stores. The selection of cards include Pokémon Sun & Moon cards, Magic Cards, Hockey Cards, and Yu-Gi-oh cards!



Only available in the following stores:

10   Victoria, BC
627 Orleans, ON
705 Robson & Granville, BC
935 Kitchener BBYC, ON
936 London BBYC, ON
937 Markham BBYC, ON
940 Ottawa East BBYC, ON
943 Scarborough BBYC, ON
944 Windsor BBYC, ON
945 Sunridge BBYC, AB
948 Regent BBYC, MB
967 LaSalle BBYC, QC
970 Pointe Claire BBYC, QC




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