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About Trade-in

This upcoming Tuesday is the release date of Portal 2, and I was planning on trading 2 games (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and Call of Duty Black Ops). But unfortunately, something came up and I have will most likely have no time to show up and trade in those games for Portal 2. 


My question: Is April 19th the only day I can trade in my games for Portal 2? Or am I able to trade-in at a later date?



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Re: About Trade-in

You will be able to do a trade-in anytime between April 19th till the end of the flyer week (which is April 21th), provided stock is still available at that time.

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Re: About Trade-in

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If you have those 2 games (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Call of Duty Black Ops PS3?), then you can trade it in anytime you want without worry about the April 19-21.


If I remember correctly, FS is giving out $40 on Black Ops and $30+ for Brotherhood. Of course value might be changed anytime, but thats 2 hottest games on the market and I seriously doubt the value will change over night.


So you are getting $70+ for those 2 games in store credit and you should be able to walk into FS anytime to get Portal 2 for $60+tax. You will actually have a few dollars left over if you do it that way.


Good luck.

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Re: About Trade-in

there is  a power trade towards portal 2, just letting you know, of coz i cant mention the name of the store

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