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Xbox-360 Scrached my game coverd or not?

I just bought a collectors edition of Resident Evil 5 and while i was playing it my Xbox360 i started to hear a strange noise coming from the disk drive.I took the Disk out and looked and there were 5 Circular Scratches around my disk i was hopeing that the scratches would be ok and i could contiune playing the Game but when i put it back in to my system it *Could not Read the Disk*. Is this Coverd with furture shops Warranty??
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Hello Anthony5002, Unfortunately games will any physical damage (ie. scratches) done to them aren't eligable for any sort of service FutureShop may provide in the way of Exchanging or with Used Games. On a side note, the type of incident you are discribing will usually happen if the 360 is in an angled position... Maybe that will give some insight into how it happened.


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. :smileyhappy:

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