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PC is far superior to consoles...the only downsides are c...

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PC is far superior to consoles...the only downsides are cost and the requirement for the user to be knowledgeable about their system. Then again complaining about cost is like saying a BMW is worse then a ford because it's more want to play with the have to pay for the best.

Aside from what was already stated by Naval, there are other things that make it better. Mods, for one, adds so much to the system and it's games you really don't even have to mention anything else.

Anyways, I love my 360, and I love some of it's exclusives and some benefits like how it's geared for people to come over and we both sit on the couch and play together. But system vs system, the PC is far better. More games, more variety in games, more content, free games, free mods (some of which are absolutely amazing), better graphics, more complex and open experiences, pretty much everything

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