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A jam packed month of video games in March 2017!

There are many new games being released this March.


Jon Scarr gives us the big list and his overviews of the biggest titles in his full article. 



Which games will you be playing?


Comment below and let us know what you think!




Below are trailers for some of the most popular titles:














Click through for the full article >






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Re: A jam packed month of video games in March 2017!

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The two on my horizon are Breath of the Wild and GR: Wildlands.

I played the Wildlands betas, and I like what I see - my only complaint is that I wish they had used the cover/movement system of the Division. Everything about Wildlands screams that this is the game that I was hoping the Division would be, and the only thing that would make it better is if I could move in the same way that my character does there (eg. actually take cover and move between cover). Apart from that, I'm happy with what I've seen.

Breath of the Wild looks like fun - we'll see how the different format plays out.  My only hesitation with it is I'm concerned that so much focus has been placed on the fact that it's open-world (Zelda games have always been open world - just small) and there's so many cool things to do that the story may have suffered as a result.  To date, from the trailers I have watched there's been a lot of focus placed on the features of the games and all the cool new things you get to do and items you get to use, but I haven't seen much from a story standpoint.  It won't stop me from getting the game, I just hope that we aren't all setting our expectations too high.