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Congratulations to our newest Plug-In Legends!

I’d like to congratulate our newest Plug-In Legends! We have 3 new members to officially add to our roster of Plug-In Legends



Congrats and thank you to @YannickG, @SonicBoom, and @pikachuforever. Each of you is such a wonderful presence within this community! Thank you for all the insight and solutions you provide in the forums!



IMG_0171.jpg @YannickG is an information technology professional, and can be found often hanging out in our gaming forum. He appreciates quality gameplay and is a big Nintendo fan.



SonicBoom @SonicBoom is an electrical engineer and a man of many hobbies--such as vintage arcade games, music, movies, and comics. He can be found hanging out pretty much everywhere, mainly movies, computers, TV, and gaming.



pikachuforever @pikachuforever is another film buff. He has extensive knowledge in movies and blu-rays, 

and he can be found hanging out all the time in our Movies and TV forum.




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