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December: A Month in Review

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 A Month in Review 





Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone is having a good start to 2017! I know this is a little late as we are already into the first week of January; I’m still trying to play catch-up.





High-Five Shoutout:


@casey1985, thank you for keeping the steelbook community up to date with news.




Kudos to our top kudoed authors of the month:


@Juice0904 - 26 kudos!

@Drax86 19 - kudos!

@YannickG - 17 kudos!

@SonicBoom – 15 kudos!

@Elico47 – 11 kudos!

@Sassy2424 and @pikachuforever – 9 kudos!



Boxing Day and Boxing Week Sales happened. It was a busy month leading up to the holidays, and a lot more good stuff was on sale during Boxing Week. Did anyone treat themselves to some cool items? Smiley Happy




Something to look forward to in the near future:


CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) is happening in Las Vegas right now. A massive convention showcasing the latest and greatest in consumer tech products. I’m very excited to see what comes out of that and see what Best Buy will get their hands on for us to enjoy.




Check out our blog for the latest news.Thanks for hanging with us, and I look forward to a spectacular 2017. 


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Re: December: A Month in Review

Congrats everyone, good work


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Re: December: A Month in Review

Great job everyone, that's a lot of Kudos!

My store was unbelievably busy all of December - now i'll have some more time to jump on the posting bandwagon.
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