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High Five!

Hey, community!


It was a busy weekend with the pre-orders of Nintendo Switch, which started last Friday. Conversations surrounding the Switch and Switch products definitely dominated forum activity during last week.


I know many of you have questions about the availability of Switch products, and once I get some news, I will be sure to post those updates.



I'd like to give a high five to @YannickG for last week. Thank you, @YannickG for all your participation on all those nintendo switch treads and for doing such a great job with helping to facilitate all those conversations.


Image result for high five how i met your mother   


As always, a big thank you to everyone else who authored solutions and provided some great insight and answers. For all the newer members on the forum, I hope to see more of you!


Have a great week!


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Re: High Five!

High 5 @YannickG


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Re: High Five!

Just doing my best to help! Thanks Smiley Happy 

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Re: High Five!

High5 @YannickG, WTG !!