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How To – Rank Up

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We understand that everyone likes to choose their own adventure and so we’ve taken that in to account when building the rank structure. Whether you like to browse, give those great posts you see a kudo or just check in every once in a while, you’ll be able to work your way through the ranks.


However, if you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to really set yourself apart from the crowd, here are a few pointers on how to rank up in Plug-In:


-Contributing great content is what the forum is built for! Post those questions, thoughts, ideas or advice, all of it counts!


-We’re all about give and take; it’s such a great feeling when someone recognizes your contributions, so make sure you recognize theirs too.


-The big one, as with all forums is; the more active you are, the faster you rank up so come visit us often and then some more Smiley Tongue


We also have the super special invite-only Plug-In Legend group that is the crème de la crème around here, you can read up on the criteria for this group by following the link!

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Re: How To – Rank Up

Sorry if this was posted somewhere, but can you list all ranks in order?
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Re: How To – Rank Up

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Hi @kerenchandran.



As of right now, here are the ranks (some of these ranks have multiple levels within them that will be indicated by a star when it appears next to someone's forum handle):





Legendary Hero of the Universe

Hero of the Universe

Legendary Oracle

The Oracle

Legendary Epic Genius

Epic Genius

Legendary Luminary


The Captain



Truth Seeker

The Bestower





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