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Accepted Solution

New Computer

I bought a Toshiba system from you that was supposed to have a 500GB HD and it only has a 452GB HD so what happened to it and how come I could get the Windows 8 upgrade you had advertised for new buyers for 14.99 but was unable.  Was it unavailable a week ago? I recsived this computer just friday or Saturday at the Post Office. I presume it was from you since you are the only online commun ity I bought anything from. I was in the store in new minas but wasn't sure if this was the better buy but I researched online and it was the best by 120.oo for the 500 GB HD i wasa supposed to get. I think it was post marked  Markham Toronto. Is that where you ship online PC's from?

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Re: New Computer

a 500GB hard drive usually never actually has the full 500GB. The way the size is labled is different then the way that a computer sees it. Manufactures see 1GB as 1000MBm where a computer needs 1024MBs to see 1GB, so the amount the computer sees is usually always less.


As for the windows 8 upgrade did you purchase it when you purchased the computer? I believe it was only available if purchased at the same time as the computer

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Re: Drive Capacity

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In addition to formatted and unformatted capacities.... Part of your hard drive may have gone to your "rescue partition". If your Operating System were to go funny, the technician can quickly restore your computer back to when new at a minimal cost.

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Re: Drive Capacity

The previous posters have explained the hard drive discrepancy pretty well.  Having that much space available on a '500GB' drive is normal.  As for the Windows 8 upgrade, you can get it directly from Microsoft only via their site here.

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Re: Drive Capacity

A 1TB HD will not have a full TB, its a few percent less, they're all like that....don't worry, its normal.

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