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Windows 8 Pro vs. Windows 8 Pro Pack: differences explained

If you go to the store, you may find two packages:  Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Pro Pack.  They look similar, and currently priced the same.  So what's the difference?


Windows 8 Pro is for customers who already have WinXP/Vista/7 to upgrade to Win8 Pro.  By default, it does not come with Media Center; however, for a limited time you can add Media Center to Windows 8 Pro for free directly from Microsoft's site.  (By extension, Windows 8 - regular or Pro - will not be able to play DVDs by default, unless you install Media Center or 3rd party DVD player software.)


Windows 8 Pro Pack is for customers who bought new PCs that comes with (standard) Windows 8, and want to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with Media Center functionality.


What if you say "I don't need all the features in Windows 8 Pro.  Can I just get Media Center for my (regular) Windows 8?"  You can't - you cannot get Media Center on top of (regular) Windows 8 without upgrading to Windows 8 Pro.


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Re: Windows 8 Pro vs. Windows 8 Pro Pack: differences explained

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good job making the differences for people! alot of people who come to upgrade should know the differences if they are going to upgrade!

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