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Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

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Looking for a laptop but want to wait until Windows 8 is released? Future Shop has announced a great promotion where you can upgrade your PC (laptop, desktop, Windows-based tablet) from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro for only $14.99, when Windows 8 is released.


You can find all the details surrounding this Windows 8 upgrade here. This offer is valid from Jun 2 2012 - Jan 31 2013.


Windows 8 is getting some great reviews - can't wait to see it in action.

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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

From personal experience with Windows 8 so far, I am going to avoid it completely

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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

Please keep in mind that the final release will not be like the preliminary copies. I have spoken to several sources who point out there is still a lot in the making and they expect to see Windows 8 really solid. This is a great upgrade program as it is being started earlier than most launches and extends all the way to end of January. So those of you looking to buy a PC now, don't wait for windows 8, you can guarantee your copy today with the purchase of any PC!

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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

Hi, I would like to know if I would have to personally mail and receive male to claim the windows 8 or can I just download the windows 8 online when it is available?

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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

I imagine it will work similar to the offer for Windows 7 when it was available, in that there will be a page set up where you choose the manufactirer of your computer and the copy of Windows 8 will be sent from there. This way the manufacturer also includes a DVD that contains all the appropriate drivers for your specific machine. Windows 8 is nice, but if you don't have the right drivers for your hardware, it's useless.


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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

You can find the details to the Windows 8 Upgrade offer here. You'll be purchasing a download of the software, which you can then copy to USB or burn to disk. For an additional fee, you can have your upgrade copy mailed to you.

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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

For those folks who bought a PC before June 2 2012 (which means you do not qualify for the $19.99 upgrade), you can also upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 (US pricing; CDN pricing maybe slightly different).  If you decide to buy a copy from local stores, the cost is $69.99.


- the purchase can be made directly from Microsoft's site

- you can create your own media (as a backup disc) or you can get a backup copy mailed to you for a fee

- for a limited time, you can get a media center add-on pack for free after the PC has Windows 8 running (previously it was announced that media center add-on will cost extra and Microsoft received plenty of angry comments about that).


This pricing is valid until Jan 31, 2013.




Also, for those who are running the Release Preview version, you can upgrade directly to the released version from preview, without reinstalling the previous released version of Windows.




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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

I don't personally have great feelings about the preview version of Windows 8, which means it's better to buy a laptop with Windows 7 that get's the upgrade to Windows 8 because now you can choose between the two, just remember to burn recovery dvds.

- Leo H.
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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

I'm with you.  I just bought a new laptop precisely so I could avoid Win8 for the next 3 years.  I do not agree with Microsoft's "one-size-fits-all" philosophy across all platforms.  Besides, I love Windows 7, and I can continue to love it unabated for the next several years.

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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade Offer

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If it's anything like the upgrade disc fiasco with Windows 7, if you install Windows 8 and then have to reinstall with a fresh copy on a new harddrive, most users will need to install Windows 7 again, and then re-upgrade to Windows 8 again.


Way to go Microsoft for Upgrade Discs! LOL! I have been a user of both Pro and Server versions of Microsoft software for years and yes, I LOVE Windows 7, but the reinstall process (without hacks) required TWO OS re-installs to be done the way they wanted it done. First, Re-install XP Pro, and THEN, reinstall Windows 7.


IF that's the same way in this Windows 8 upgrade disc, I know for one that I won't be going for an upgrade disc this time round. Respect my time as much as you respect my money.


Microsoft, this from a long time consumer: ONCE BURNED, TWICE SHY!

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