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Windows 8 and new computer purchase

I would suggest that you encourage less than expert users of Windows PCs who want Windows 8 to buy a computer with a touch enabled screen.  Studies show that Windows 8 on touch screens are easy to learn to use, but not so with non-touch enabled computers.  Using a mouse to operate Windows 8 takes time to figure out because you have to click around the blank screen to find out how to do things.  Seems to me many people could be going "Say What!"!" ... but with a touch screen they would just have fun learning to see how it operates. 


Perhaps standard (i.e., without a touch screen) computers should best be sold with Windows 7 by default and only sold with Windows 8 with the warning that people should expect a early and steep learning curve to figure out the basic but essential new ways of operating Windows 8.


How and to whom Windows 8 gets sold will matter in early adoption/return rates.

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Re: Windows 8 and new computer purchase

Can't be any worse than owning a Mac for the first long as I can drag my mouse pointer across the screen to click here and there I should be fine. 

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