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Hi Aaron..my grandaughter is graduating and will be in j...

Hi Aaron..my grandaughter is graduating and will be in junior high school next year. She is 12 years old and I am not sure which IPAD to buy here..looking for some advice on best buy for a 12 year old with normal computer skills
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Exalted Expert / Community Ambassador
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iPad size => my granddaughter is graduating

I would say start with the 32gb with NO 4G.

  • 16gb may be to small.  Newer apps are large and may consume the memory too quickly
  • 64gb may be to too high.  If they need something bigger, they can buy a bigger one when the newer version comes out next year
  • skip the 4G models.
  • if you want to save some money, look for the old iPad2 without the retina display.  Battery life will be better too.
  • hope you have a good case.  Have a look at the child other possessions.  Is there a lot of scratches and damage?  They may need a case to have better grip.  As a senior, mine has dents.  Case makes a difference.
  • BTW.... did you hear the iPad mini is likely to be released in September for a much lower cost?

What do others think?

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Re: iPad size => my granddaughter is graduating

I would agree with XL.


16GB is manageable if media isn't the primary focus. My daughter uses mostly apps now, and leaves music/video to other devices.


4G model is overkill and expensive. I would stick to wifi as well (no cellular option) as data plans are expensive.


Ipad2 is a great deal, as it is the lightest and currently $100 less if you can find it.


They are pretty study on their own, but I find the stand/cover isn't perfect for the ipad. I bought a cheap faux leather one online, has saved it from many falls and bumps. 


If you want cheaper, the ASUS 7" tablet should be out the end of June. Rumored to be very fast and only $200, but not apple. 



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Re: Hi Aaron..my grandaughter is graduating and will be in j...

I think that the 16GB iPad 2 should be sufficient for a 12-year old - they are only $419 and very thin and slick-looking...unless she needs to have the latest and greatest... then I would agree with the other comments about the iPad 3.


Here is the iPad 2 - I'm sure she will love anything you get her!


SKU: 10165254

The iPad changed the way we use computers, consume content, and entertain ourselves. The Apple iPad 2 will do it all over again. Equipped with the all-new A5 chip, front and rear-facing cameras, gyroscope, a 33%-thinner profile and a plethora of other improvements, it's everything you could possibly want in a tablet, and then some. (Please note: This is the WiFi version)


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