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iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

This is a review for these two excelent devices, find which one is right for you. I choose Archos but you can have iPod Touch, please don't flame this topic like a n00b saying things like: APPLE SUKS or ARCHOS DON'T KNOW SHIOOT THEY ARE THIRD WORLD STUFF BAD LABEL GLITCH CRUD!


:smileyhappy: I just want people to be nice. Most reviews are either iPod or Archos geared. Let me tell you know, the Archos may seem better on paper, but something about Apple is just magnificent... 


The real competition, at least what I find, is between the iPod Touch and the Archos.


The advantage with the touch is the iTunes store and the App store, plus the sleek look of Apple.

Now girls with tight pants: The Archos is too big to put in your pockets, you will need the iPod touch.


I personally prefer the Archos. See the Archos 5, 250 GB has much more storage than the max of 32GB for iPod touch. The Archos' screen is about the size of the iPod touch... so it provides a better viewing experience at 4.8" vs. the 3.5".


Now, people say that the iPod touch's screen is crisper and better to look at because the pixels are smaller, like comparing iPod to Zune.

That is just WRONG. It makes me laugh, because while the Archos' screen is almost twice as big (Resolution-wise), it is almost twice as high in resolution. The iPod touch's resolution comes out at 320x480, whilst the Archos' is 800x480. (Note that the height is the same, but the Archos' is 2.5 times as wide!)


iPod Touch: 320x480=153,600 Pixels.

Archos 5 inch: 800x480=384,000 Pixels.

384,000 divided by 153,600=2.5

Thuse, the area of the of pixels on the Archos is 2.5 times bigger. Now lets see that in terms of area... so like PPI in a way.

So 4.8" is the size of Archos and 3.5" is the iTouch. Let's see how many times bigger that is, 4.8 divided by 3.5 = 1.36 (Rounded.) So, knowing that the screen difference is 1.36 and the resolution is 2.5 times a high, this means that the Archos would have a higher PPI.

iPod touch: 163 PPI - Source:

Archos: 187.90 PPI - Source:


So while the screen is bigger, the quality is still higher. Just saying.


The Archos has better features, but costs a lot with all the Add-ons and plugins, that can cost you up to 100 dollars without even buying hardware, like the 100 dollar DVR dock!


The iPod touch doesn't even have a DVR but can continue to spend thousands of dollars on the app store, with apps ranging from FREE to something like 5 dollars. (Correct me if I am wrong.)


The iPod follows American volume laws, the Archos -- European. This means that the iPod Touch is louder... though this can be fixed with a headphone amp.


The Archos comes with flash built in, and you don't need to download a new app to watch Youtube videos.

In conclusion, Archos is a better video player, but has some glitches and is expensive. Better for browsing,OK keyboard.

iPod touch is a fasion statement, but has little memory and a smaller resolution, it's slick size is awesome though. Better touch because it is Multi-touch were-as Archos is single touch.


Hope this clears things up a little.





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Also, the Archos PVR wasn't discussed. This piece is a on...

Also, the Archos PVR wasn't discussed. This piece is a one of a kind unit. The Archos PVR comes in I believe 80gb and 250gb models. Apple has a while to go before anything like this is available.

So you own the Archos. It's docked into the DVR station, which is connected to the PVR. The DVR will transfer recorded files via usb into the PVR. This feature is awesome for travellers. Example; you're in Australia, and decide you'd like to watch a movie. Your Archos player can connect through wi-fi internet to your PVR which is located at home. On the other side of the world.

Also, the PVR comes with an HDMI out for flat panel t.v.'s. This comes in useful when streaming media from your computer through your home wireless network, to the PVR and on to your t.v..

The PVR also comes with a full qwerty keyboard on its remote. This is used to browse the interent on your t.v. through the PVR, as well as navigating through the files stored on the PVR.

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Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

Indeed you paid a king's ransom for that sexy device.  I'm glad you chose to review the archos because not many people talk about them.  Also impressive is the advertised battery life of 7 hours for video.  Glad you like it :smileyhappy:



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Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

[ Edited ]

Does this i-pod version have wi-fi and how much does it cost?





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Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

I do not understand isn't the screen on the ipod touch 940x720 with its new retina display? 

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Registered: ‎08-09-2010

Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

i am not being a fanboy im just bringing facts up , the video time of the ipod is now 8 hours compared to the 7 hours. 


The main difference I see here is mainly the huge difference in flash memory where I would definetly take the 250gb model over the 64gb ipod model.


but it really comes out to what each item can do, me for example am gonna stick with the new ipod 4g because of its camera functions, multitasking retina display

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Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review



This review was posted in January 2009, the iPod Touch was only in it's 2nd generation as opposed to the newly launching 4th generation that debuts this week. Several things have changed in the portable media player market!


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Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

Oh haha my bad i looked dumb i forgot to check the date haha since it was the first topic on list i thought it was new, my apologies!!

Cheers :smileyhappy:
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Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

this is something that has been discussedto much!


finally in my opinion the Archos 5 is a lot better than the Ipad how can people can still be douting about this, they usually talk about the apps! hello everybody hadnt you ve checked the infinite amount of apps for the archos! something that is really grea about the archos s that you can take it anywhere and it doesnt bothers at all, it has a great size!

the navgaion is the best the only thing that i am wondering that canbe better is the Blackberry Playbook, ill come back when this hopefully marvelous tablet appears in the market!



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Re: iPod Touch 32GB vs. Archos 5, 250GB - Review

cool story bro!!

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